Taylor Your Own Body To Your Needs

Yury Bettoni's philosophy

Yury’s life has been an amazing journey: he has experienced living on the edge of the Serengeti National Park with its exotic wild animals as his neighbors, as well as surviving the intensity of the competitive scene at Grand Slams. He’s seen the stars in the African Savannah and the bright lights in major cities worldwide. It has been a life in which grit and determination has shone through, bringing him to the point where he can now be a role model for anyone who wants to be a better tennis player, or just get in peak physical shape being the best one can be.
Over many years, he endured both personal and health challenges, some of which, particularly cramping, unfortunately forced him to stop matches.
These challenging circumstances, at one point, debilitated him and crushed his spirit, but his determination and motivation to be the best he could be was stronger than anything else, so he started this long journey, searching to find the best training methods, diets, and most importantly, the proper mental approach for his different goals.
This later helped him to understand the basics of equilibrium, both mental and physical, and thus, how to train a tennis player (or athlete) not only from the tennis point of view, but also on the mental and physical part.
The beauty of Yury’s approach is that it is easily applied to every sport, even simply for individual personal training. It’s not a system, but a life style! of living life with a unique mental and holistic approach in which each individual has a proper customized training program for maximum optimization of performance,whether it’s a professional sports person, a fitness enthusiast or someone that just needs rehabilitation and help for health reasons.
The outstanding amount of methods used to fight the challenges of cramps and injuries spurred Yury to seriously reconsider a customize training method, and here is where he started developing the “3Y’s” – “stabilitY, mobilitY and velocitY
It has been a long process, as a lifelong lesson, Yury has learned how to understand what his own body was telling him. Thus, he realized that the role of a personalized diet was the benchmark to achieve the right balance between physical and mental wellbeing.
He soldiered on beating with determination his adversities by founding new and innovative ways to train his own body smartly, efficiently and effectively so that he can now help anyone who wants to get in shape to “be the architect of your own body”.