The Gatorade Sports Science Institute (from now GSSI) was founded in 1985. The aim of this entity is to help sportsmen achieve their professional goals. In order to do so, the GSSI carries out research and provides education. The latest technologies are available for these studies so that the science provides the tools to optimize the performance of athletes. Yury Bettoni participated in a Gatorade commercial which was shot at the IMG Sports Academy in Bradenton, Florida. Check it out:







The importance of nutrition

This institution also focuses on the effects of nutrition on an athlete’s performance. In order to come up with relevant data, sportsmen should train under controlled conditions indoors and outdoors. Moreover, measure should be taken before, during and after the exercise so as to create a complete database for the research. The information is analyzed to develop guidelines for the diet that the athletes should follow. Nowadays, professional players have a custom diet to cover their calorie requirements and develop the stamina according to the physical activity. You can learn more about the GSSI work in their website.

Yury’s Method

Due to being unable to achieve success by following others’ guidelines regarding nutrition, Yury Bettoni had to create his own method, the so-called Y system. Regarding nutrition, this system implies having a solid balance between the main components of our food: carbohydrates, proteins and fats. You can learn more about Yury’s struggle in this link. As you can see, the Y system is a complete set of features that will help you embrace a healthy life.