//Peain Script pain relief cream

Peain Script pain relief cream

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Created by a physician scientist, pharmacist recommended, and clinically proven to provide relief from aches and pain, Peain Script™ breaks through even the toughest pain to provide lasting relief. Why is it different? Peain Script doesn’t mask pain by numbing or cooling, instead, it penetrates into the skin to bind with receptors that play a key role in pain perception, fighting pain at the source.

Peain Script uses a unique combination of active and inactive ingredients which work together to create a deeply effective pain relieving cream free of odor, stickiness, and residue. Once applied, Peain Script penetrates into the skin to apply relief. It’s patented formula even includes a powerful relief ingredient, Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), in higher concentrations than any other pain relief product available.

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