Yury Bettoni training at IMG’s Academies

Yury Bettoni back at IMG’s Academies for some testing at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.



Imoove choses tennis professional Yury Bettoni as ambassador for their products campaign



Pro Tennis Player Yury Bettoni recounts how Peain Script™ helped to heal his injury when nothing else could.


Yury Bettoni for world tennis interviewed by Harry Cicma

Yury Bettoni talks about his professional tennis carrier and his now involvement in the business world.


South Beach’s 100 years anniversary exhibition with Yury Bettoni

Yury Bettoni gets interviewed by anchormen Harry Cicma for NBCSN at the 100 years anniversary of South Beach exhibition.


Yury Bettoni gets interviewed at IMG academies

Fiorella Bonfanti interviews Yury Bettoni at IMG academies and talk about his tennis carrier.



Miami Sports Performance Institute with Yury Bettoni
(Part 1, Rehab)



Miami Sports Performance Institute Commercial with Yury Bettoni
(Part 2, Plyometrics)