“3Y‘s”: StabilitY, MobilitY, VelocitY



3Y's Tennis Fundamentals

“The 3Y’s” define what it takes to perform any kind of movement or action by maximizing its result. I have entirely created and developed this concept to help the individual to understand the dynamics of a movement and the relationship of the intensity/frequency of the three Y‘s where they can change according to the purpose of the movement or action. However, every movement performed needs to be performed at the right speed in order to keep the body in proper balance and centered for maximum control and efficiency.

For example, the “Y agility speed ladder” is a great training tool and a way to learn mental discipline and precision through:

  • Body Control
  • Position awareness
  • Balance
  • Foot work speed
  • Coordination

Throughout my years of training, I learned that the common denominator for any movement or action was always controlled speed and strong base so that maximum results could be achieved. It’s extremely important to gauge the right speed, and does not mean that the faster is always the better, for instance on certain specific movements or actions slowing down the performance could be the right solution to keep the movement well: controlled, mobile and balanced so that it will be efficiently performed.Also, in real life the “3Y‘s” concept can be easily applied, to maximize one’s own business or personal goals, so the perfect synergy between the 3Y’s is important.

  • StabilitY refers to establishing a strong mental balance/focus.
  • MobilitY is recognizing the problem/opportunity and the ability to change direction.
  • VelocitY is taking action at the right time.

These are the main components for a successful life.