IMOOVE elliptic movement machine: the revolutionary complete body workout for wellness

Imoove” is an innovative full-body workout machine which operates on different body muscle groups improving overall strength, enhancing muscle tone, stamina, reducing calorie count consumption and increasing flexibility, as well. It’s perfect for core training, rehabilitation and muscle-tendon injuries. This complete machine can benefit anyone. This unrivalled piece of engineering was the winner of the “Innovation 2008” award for strong reason. This is a fantastic full-body workout machine that Yury Bettoni has introduced into his training regime.
“Imoove” is an innovative full body workout machine

What is IMOOVE?

  • IMOOVE uses a unique elliptical training platform which approaches our natural 3-dimensional movements.
  • There are 45 training programs that cover a wide range of purposes from rehabilitation all the way through to advanced training programs to ensure that it is specific to your level of fitness and needs.
  • IMOOVE stimulates 90% of the muscular mass at once by elispheric movement.
  • It is an alternative type of training that breaks the routine of a classic workout providing you with freedom and enjoyment.
  • It is absolutely ideal for proprioceptive and rehabilitation training. Proprioceptive training is all about the ability to sense stimuli within the body, such as position, motion and equilibrium.
  • IMOOVE gives you a complete body workout in just 20 minutes.
  • It is revolutionary in its ability to help with core training.

How can it benefit you?

IMOOVE will develop your physical and mental strength. You will also get a toned body, increase your stamina, reduce your calorie consumption, gain more flexibility and acquire elegance in the movements. In short, your overall body performance will improve drastically.

Simply put, IMOOVE will give you a body which moves, bends and stretches with power, elegance and harmony as well as perfect balance.

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