6 points close pattern

6 points Y movement footwork

I have entirely developed and put together a simple six points pattern called “6 Points Y movement” where I focus mainly on the fundamentals of the three main ground strokes foot work movements for the fore hand and back hand:

  • Close stance 
  • open stance 
  • Semi open stance

By utilizing this innovative workout divise “Zoic’s” I have developed this unique drill pattern that helps tremendously the player to position property its own body for best shot execution and cutting court angles, effective and crucial to reach balls quicker.

During the video tutorial I show a phase 1 drill pattern and a phase 2 drill pattern and I focus on seven main aspects of the shot movement weather it’s an open, close or semi open stance.

  •  Short and low split step
  •  Opening of the hip for better fluidity of movement by stepping to the side
  •  Angle of dominant foot positioning 
  •  Using dominant leg or back leg to charge the shot
  •  Pivoting of dominant foot with hip rotation
  •  Dominant leg extends straight into the shot transferring weight forward 
  •  Point of contact 


Phase 1

Zoids are positioned in a close pattern to work the first step movement and get the muscles fired.

Zoids positioned in a close pattern

6 Points Y Movement phase 1 pattern


Phase 2

Zoids are positioned in a wide pattern to simulate a more dynamic point scheme. 

 Zoids are positioned in a wide pattern


6 Points Y Movement phase 2 pattern

6 Points Y Movement phase 2 pattern

The “6 points Y movement” will definitely help the player’s on court movement by making each shot easier and faster to reach, effectiveness and precision will be achieved and reduction of physical exertion for best shot selection. 

6 Y points system on clay

In this next short video I show how my system is performed on clay court by using “the slide” key factor for optimal clay court movement.

Focalizing on close, open and semi-open stance by emphasizing strongly the hip rotation and foot pivoting I target in making the player understand of when and how to use the slide properly.

Master this specific movement and be one of the greatest clay court movers.