Y8 Segments

Volkl tennis

In 2015 I have developed my own tennis tutorial called, “Y8 Segments”, supported and sponsored by Volkl Tennis and Lotto USA. These segments explain the fundamentals of playing tennis from a beginner to an advanced level. The tutorial, in the first two segments, begins with the fundamentals of the forehand and backhand and its grips. Segments 3 and 4 focus on the very important aspects of the serve and the server and volleys. Segment 6, emphasizes on court foot work, and the importance of the ”X movement” entirely developed by me.  For segment 7, I talk about “System 5” which plays a big role for the player’s tactic formation and the rituals before starting point.
Finally, in the last segment, I discuss how to use external factors as advantages.

My knowledge and of way of teaching my system to the Y coaches goes beyond just tennis; it’s a 360 approach, such as:
• Mental approach to the sport
• Players’ technique fundamentals
• Tactics fundamentals
• Basics of physical movements
• Body awareness
• Body rehabilitation after each training session
• Proper food diet for the specific porpoise

I am a strong believer that a tennis player is built from many different aspects of training and not only the on court part but also as important everything else that rotates off the training sessions.
To be an impactful coach, the coach must be aware of every training aspects and have hands on and the experience at every level so that he/she will be able to recognize the real cause of a problem and fix it so that can make the difference for the player/student.