The “Y agility speed ladder” is a great training tool that has accompanied me through out all my professional tennis career. Now I have developed my own routine on base of my experience where I focalize each type of training to the purpose of the individual’s need and goal.

I simply explain and use this incredible training tool as part of the fundamentals of each movement by introducing the “positive natural angles” which is the most effective standing body position while keeping a low center of gravity so that body stabilization and quick change of direction can be maximized and achieved.
Here are some of the main aspects in which this way of training shows improvements:
Y Agility Speed Ladder

  • Precision
  • Balance
  • Body awareness
  • Body control
  • Mental discipline
  • Coordination
  • foot work speed
  • Explosiveness
  • Change of speed
  • Change of direction

also it is extremely helpful for the cardio part of the work out by giving great results in:

  • Fat burning
  • Cardiovascular
  • Increase stamina
  • Body toning


Train with Yury’s method and be the fastest and most precise you can be.


Y Agility Speed Ladder