“Cross Y Tennis” is an innovative, fun way of playing tennis combined with a unique total body workout. The system involves tennis fundamentals and point simulation for 60 minutes before moving to an engaging and playful 27 minutes of basic mobility foot work drills performed on the “Y Agility Speed Ladder” mainly good for coordination, speed and cardiovascular condition, then a mix of combined super sets “Y Functional Training” exercises performed with the own body good for mobility, flexibility and shredding, lastly but not least some resistance training performed with the “Y Tubes” great for toning and shaping.


The reason why I decided to develop the “Y Tennis” system was because I have noticed that people want more than just a tennis lesson or a long, boring workout. So I developed my combined personalized system of a great hour of unique tennis instruction followed by a short, quick, targeted, and fun total body workout that anyone can easily enjoy, and achieve peak results both on and off the court.