The Y system with its Y segments is a simple and effective system that will help master the proper strong tennis base focusing mainly on the foot work technique being the main base of any physical movement. The agility speed ladder, the Zoids positioned in specific Y patterns will help the player visualize and understand the fundamentals of each particular body movement for the perfect shot. The system uses as well water resistenze training for proper body positioning, rotation force of the torso and muscle endurance. 

Main focus of the “Y segments” for the lower body technique:

  • Open stance 
  • Close stance
  • Semi open stance
  • hip rotation
  • foot pivoting 
  • proper recovery 
  • Push off for serve and volleys 
  • The importance of the dominant leg for strong volleys.
  • Positive natural angles 

Main focus of the “Y segments” for the upper body technique:

  • Simulation of the actual stroke 
  • Usage of the torso rotation 
  • Racket acceleration
  • Imagining the actual shot trajectory for better body positioning. 

Each Y segment has three faces and utilizes three different training methods

Y segment


  • “Agility speed ladder” for coordination and speed. 
  • “Zoids” for understanding better foot positioning  
  • “Water Resistance” for less joint impact and great power training, all performed without shoes to learn to feel and control the ground. 


  1.  simulation on court of the actual movement/stroke on the agility speed ladder or Zoids 
  2.  simulation of the actual movement/stroke in the water 
  3.  actual on court ball drill 

I am a firm believer in mixing only few simple different training methods for a strong dynamic base.