Total Body Workout

The “Y27 Heat Work Out” is the best way to achieve dramatic physical and mental improvements becoming a real “architect of your own body”

I personally developed this system which involves a complete total body work out performed with multiple combinations of foot work drills, strength training and mobility training. I leverage this entire system by just using three ways of stimulating the body, my customized “Y agility speed ladder” the “Y tubes”, and “Y functional training” and everything performed in a rush of 27 minutes. This enables the individual to get a total body workout in the most effective and efficient way.
I start off by mixing foot work and hands-on drills performed on the “Y agility speed ladder”.
This stimulates and creates the perfect synergy between:

  • Endurance
  • Cardio-vascularity
  • Fat burning
  • Concentration
  • Stamina

Then will add in a circuit training fashion the “Y tubes” which are resistance bands of different tension, excellent for mainly target the upper body muscles groups. This will help improve tremendously muscle strength and muscle endurance but it’s also great for toning and shaping while avoiding possible injuries while working out. In addition, I use the “Y functional training” to target the core and over all body strength and flexibility.

Total Body Workout
My goal is to keep the individuals performing the multiple exercises routines without exhausting themselves, but maximizing their physical condition and shape through a controlled heart target zone.
The “Y27 Heat Workout” can be easily performed anywhere: outdoors, indoors and even in the privacy of the home and is designed for everyone. It’s also extremely adaptable for those that have busy jobs schedules and don’t dedicate their lives to a specific sport as a career but who love working out and staying in shape.

“Working out must be fun and full of enjoyment yet can only be achieved by a controlled regime.” – Y.B.